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Intensive Care Unit 

A unit that provides compassionate ethical, accessible and high quality care to meet the needs and expectations of our critically ill patients and their families.

To provide quality health care to critically ill patient with respect to human dignity, recognizing the uniqueness of values and beliefs of both patients and relatives.

The purpose of Angeles Medical Center Inc. Intensive Care Unit is to provide service area to patients who are critically ill and require the benefit of a highly skilled nursing management provided by the personnel trained to handle critically ill patients in an atmosphere of compassion and love.


Common equipment in an ICU includes:

-mechanical ventilators to assist breathing through an endotracheal tube or a tracheostomy tube;
-cardiac monitors including those with telemetry;
-dialysis equipment for renal problems;
-equipment for the constant monitoring of bodily functions;
-a web of intravenous lines, feeding tubes, nasogastric tubes, suction pumps, drains, and catheters; and a wide array of drugs to treat the primary condition(s) of hospitalization.
-Medically induced comas, analgesics, and induced sedation are common ICU tools needed and used to reduce pain and prevent secondary infections. Bed Head Unit/Panel, Medical Rail System.

Joseph Angelo D.C. Valdez, RN
ICU Head Nurse
Tel. no.: 625-9390/ 625-9234/3414 local 307

Dr. Arnold De Guzman
Chief of ICU

Dr. Edgardo Estanislao
Dr. Juanito Sangalang
Dr. Nova Pamintuan
Dr. George Sy
Dr. Romeo Enriquez
Dr. Maricel Catungal
Dr. Annaluz Galang