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Respiratory Care Unit 

Respiratory Therapy is an allied health care field under medical supervision which is instrumental in the treatment, detection, prevention, education, rehabilitation and support of patients with cardio-pulmonary disorders.

Our 3 Main Goals:
Safety for the patient
Asepsis for the equipment and therapy application
Consistent, effective and efficient delivery of services

Services Offered:
Cardio-Pulmonary – MSA provides the needed cardio-pulmonary equipment based on hospital set-up including well-trained Respiratory Therapist with 24-hour coverage, 7 days a week, to perform the quality pulmonary service needed and to operate all pulmonary equipment installed in the hospital by MSA.

Therapeutic Services:
-via aerosol face mask set-up
-via aerosol tracheostomy mask set-up
-patient in ventilator

Chest Physiotherapy
-With gadget
-Incentive Spirometry
-Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Concentrator)

Diagnostic Services:
-Pulse Oximetry
-Cardiac Monitoring
-Pulmonary Function Testing
-Arterial Blood Gas Analysis

Critical / Emergency Care
-Tracheobronchial Suctioning / Bronchial Lavage
-CPR Participation
-Mechanical Ventilation (Neonatal, Pediatrics, Adult)
-Non-invasive ventilation
-Invasive ventilation

Education Services
-Patient and Family Education
-Orientation of Hospital Physicians, nurses and staff on the use of MSA equipment
-Internship and volunteer training

Sales Equipment – MSA is the exclusive distributor of the products of the following companies in the Philippines:

Philips-Respironics for its critical care products
-Esprit Ventilator – volume and pressure support cycled ventilator for adult, pediatrics and infant
-Bipap Vision – non invasive ventilator
Medgraphics Corporation
-Pulmonary Function Test Machine
-Elite Plethysmograph – provides fast, easy testing and complete assessment of pulmonary function test
-Profiler Ex – provides complete assessment of pulmonary function test
-Cardi O2 – provides quality breath-by-breath metabolic measurement

Rentals – MSA has partnership with hospitals that need additional pulmonary equipment on top of their own. In order that hospital staff becomes well verse in operating our equipment, thorough training is being provided before the start of the partnership. Regular visits are done to check the functionality of the equipment.

Home Care – to answer the needs of patients that can be taken cared at home but require having continuous life support and other medical equipment, MSA caters for the said service and provides the equipment for rental including the service of respiratory therapist.

Jojo F. Jaime, RT Supervisor
Cell no.: 0916-662-0430
Darwin G. Garcia 
(Senior Staff)
Mark Ryan Robles
(Senior Staff)
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