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Operating Room-Delivery Complex 

The Operating Room of Angeles Medical Center, Inc. is composed of five (5) 

theaters which includes optha room and comprised of several high end equipments and machines such as: anesthesia machines, suction machines, cautery machines, laparoscopy machine, infusion pumps, also including calibrated instruments.


Post Anesthesia Care Unit is also located inside and adjacent to the operating room which composed of four (4) beds which includes cardiac monitors and equipments needed for the recovery of patients.

General Surgery is one of the services offered which includes: minor and major surgery, breast mass excision, cauterization, obstetric-gynecological procedures, neuro-surgery and laparoscopy procedures, explore laparotomy, cataract surgery, urology procedures, circumcision, thora-vascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

(045) 888 7150/ (045) 322 4632/ (045) 9414 local 221

Dr. Jose Tranquillino Jr. FPOA, FWPOA 

Head of Operating Room
Orthopedic Department, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ed Arceo
Head of Anesthesia Department

In house Consultants:
Dr. Antonio Guzman – Urology Local: 512
Dr. Gerardo Galang – Surgeon Local: 502
Dr. Leonardo Dungca- Surgeon Local: 518
Dr. Joselito Dychioco – Orthopedic Local: 525
Dr. Armand Contreras – Ophthalmologist Local: 516
Dr. Jae De Guzman – Orthopedic Local: 521
Dr. Roy Diaz – Surgeon Local: 525
Dr. Ruben Henson – ENT Surgeon Local: 523
Dr. Princess Aquino – OB-gyne Local: 506
Dr. Faith Bondoc – OB-gyne Local: 510
Dr. Maria Vivian Villarruz – OB- gyne Local: 520
Dr. Daphne Canivel – OB-gyne Local: 503
Dr. Shyla Garcia – OB-gyne Local: 517
Dr. Ronald Campos – OB-gyne/ Oncology Local: 531
Dr. Pius Jonas Ocampo – Ophthalmologist Local: 526
Dr. Ann Mitzel Ocampo – Dermatologist Local: 526
Dr. Florencia Belmonte – OB-gyne Local: 505
Dr. Benlor Buendia – ENT Local: 519
Dr. Emerita Danac – OB-gyne Local: 531
Dr. Byrone Mendoza – Ophthalmologist Local: 519
Dr. George Sy – Neuro Surgeon
Dr. Maria Lourdes David – OB-gyne
Dr. Maria Felina Rojo – OB- gyne
Dr. Joy Sorreta – OB- gyne
Dr. Efren Nation – OB-gyne
Dr. Amelia Tan- OB-gyne
Dr. Claudine Tan-Marquez
Dr. Jayson Pagcu – Neuro Surgeon
Dr. Resty David – Surgeon


Pediatric Care 

The Nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides the foremost optimal care for babies which offer excellent nurturing in monitoring critically ill newborn babies.

The Nursery Unit provides routine newborn care immediately after delivery of the baby and determines the status of health and well-being of neonates. The Neonatal Intensive care Unit has highly quality facilities and it is staffed with experienced practitioners and Subspecialty. It is manned by well-trained and efficient staffs which provide quality service health care to patients.

Services Offered: 
Newborn Screening - Oto Acoustic Emission/Hearing Test (OAE)

Newborn Screening Kit:

1. Regular

2. Expanded 

Vaccines - Hepatitis B (1st dose) ; BCG

Laila Lictaoa, RN

Head Nurse, Delivery/ Nursery 
(045) 888 7150/ (045) 322 4632/ (045) 9414 local 220

Dr. Mario Romero

Head, Pediatric Care

In-House Consultants: 

Dr. Mario Romero Loc. 514
Dr. Vilma Dela Cruz Loc. 522
Dr. Ana Lyn Mendoza Loc: 509
Dr. Maria Svetlana Pangilinan Loc: 509
Dr. Louisa Teressa Magnaye Loc. 503
Dr. Rosequiel Villena Loc. 505

Visiting Consultants: 
Dr. Rebecca Arceo Tel. no.: 888-2488
Dr. Ramsey James Barro Tel. no.: 322-8728
Dr. Nenette Bucaneg
Dr. Nelson Gomez
Dr. Shirley Jorquia
Dr. Gregorio Leonardo Tel. no.: 860-1246 loc. 117 /455-1136
Dr. Kristine Roa Tel. no.: 888-2451
Dr. Marie Adrianne Salunga
Dr. Rowena Vergara
Dr. Immee Atoy
Dr. Michelle Pelayo
Dr. Maura Laura David
Dr. Harold David
Dr. Melody Franco
Dr. Nenette Nacpil
Dr. Julie Pantig
Dr. Rhia Lansang- Tan
Dr. Jesusa Manarang
Dr. Elizabeth Medina
Dr. Mike Roa
Dr. Hans Balgan
Dr. Melanie Guintu
Dr. Carmela Torno
Dr. Maria Rowena Valerio
Dr. Paul Bansil
Dr. Vianney Mar Mandapat

Obstetrics & Gynecology 
The Labor Room & Delivery Room is primary concern to cultivate and secure the health and well-being of women by providing excellent care for mothers to be as well as other problems concerning their reproductive system.

It is furnished with high quality facilities and staffed by highly efficient and qualified OB-Gyne Practitioners and staffs in providing relevant and precise -uation of each patient.

A Breastfeeding Station is provided inside the unit which serves as a private area for breastfeeding mothers. Angeles Medical Center, Inc. is a “Mother Baby Friendly Hospital”. It aims to educate women about the benefits and management of breastfeeding and “Rooming-in”. It promotes a philosophy of Maternal Infant Care that advocates breastfeeding. It actively supports breastfeeding as the preferred nutrition to infants.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Services: 
- Non Stress Test 
- Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) 
- Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) 
- Colposcopy 
- Polypectomy 
- Cauterization 
- Excision-Biopsy 
- Family Planning 
- IUD Insertion

Dr. Laila Lictaoa, RN OIC Nurse 
Tel. no.: (045) 322-4632 Local: 220 

In-House Consultants: 
Dr. Daphne Canivel Loc: 503
Dr. Ronald Campos Loc: 531
Dr. Ma. Vivian Villarruz Loc: 520
Dr. Shyla Garcia Loc. 518
Dr. Princess Aquino Loc. 506
Dr. Faith Bondoc Loc. 510
Dr. Emerita Danac Loc. 531

Visiting Consultants: 
Dr. Anita Mandal
Dr. Bernice Paule
Dr. Eileen Sy
Dr. Anatolia Yusuico
Dr. Claudine Tan- Marquez
Dr. Amelia Tan
Dr. Maria Felina Rojo
Dr. Joy Sorreta
Dr. Roma Myka Velasquez